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Q: How large of a sign can I have built to advertise and identify my business?

A: The maximum allowable signage for a given storefront or road front sign is governed by local ordnances and sign codes. Typically calculated by storefront or road frontage width by a set factor. Check out our process for more information.

Q: What payment terms are required to purchase a sign.

A: Standard payment terms are 50% deposit and balance on completion. We accept business checks and all major credit cards. Financing is available with approved credit on purchase over $3000.00 for 12 months at 10%.

Q: Can an original design or logo be created for my project?

A: We will gladly create a logo or sign design especially suited for your image and advertising needs. Please see samples.

Q: Does Haynes Sign Co. Ltd, manufacture its own neon?

A: Yes, we maintain a complete state-of-the-art neon manufacturing plant using premium components sourced from around the world. Please see samples.

Q: Does Haynes Sign Co. Ltd, mold plastic sign & faces in-house?

A: Yes, we create each customers custom mold and vacuum form high-grade impact resistant plastic sign faces in our shop.

Q: Can I register my new logo/sign design as a trademark?

A: Yes, your logo design can be trademarked for your protection. We can arrange and or work with an attorney to complete the process.

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