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Our Process

Haynes Sign Co. will work with you from design to installation. We will handle all necessary steps to ensure your sign is completed in a timely manner and has met all local ordinances. To assist you in understanding this process, we have listed the steps we take to complete your job. 


1. We first begin with a site consultation and site survey to understand your needs completely.
2. We will create a logo design and/or adapt your logo design.
3. We make sure that your sign is designed to maximize materials and fit your budget.
4. We will handle all aspects of zoning ordinances and permits, including engineering drawings, foundations, and underground utility detection.
5. At this point we begin our timely in-house manufacturing of your sign with proven competence and materials that stand the test of time in our coastal environment.
6. Finally, you can feel confident about our competent installation of your sign to your complete satisfaction, including our one year parts and labor warranty.

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